Facebook Poker – How to Play


Are you getting started with Facebook poker? Wondering what is it about and also how to play?

Facebook pkv games is just one of the very well-known applications on Facebook with over 12 million active players, playing monthly.

So exactly why is it popular? It is social and fun; you may play your own teammates. It’s absolutely free to play thus that you won’t go bankrupt, and it is a fantastic method of honing your own poker abilities.

So just how do I get started?

First of you will need to put in the Facebook Texas Hold Basketball Poker application you can achieve it by going into the Facebook Poker software page (see the connection at the end of this short article ), logging in to your Facebook profile after installing the application. Once it’s installed you will be taken directly into the application at which you are going to be able to start playingwith. If you wish to come back to it later you’ll see it under your software tab in the left hand corner of one’s Facebook profile.

Facebook very kindly provide you 2,000 free poker chips to get you started but until you jump right in and start playing with you might want to find the lowdown on how to playwith.

OK your set with the application and your free chips collected in Facebook, now you want to understand how to play.

Facebook Texas Hold’em Poker is a 7 card poker match (Texas Hold’em) which means you should get seven cards dealt with you personally for that you simply choose 5 cards to compose your absolute best hand. The fantastic thing is the fact that the application form will show you the absolute best hand, and that means you’re going to be able to learn when you play along with you also eliminate the chance of overlooking your greatest hand.

Here’s a break down of poker hands that could win a game.

Here I have recorded the way to worst hands in Poker

All 5 cards are at the same lawsuit – i.e. diamonds and they run to be able i.e. Ace,2,3,4,5 or even 8,9,10, Jack, Queen

4 cards outside of your five are of the Identical rank – i.e. 4 Jacks4 or 4 number 2s

Full House

The Complete house hand is Composed of a pair of 3 cards each of the same rank and a pair of two cards of the same rank – i.e. 3 amount 4s and two variety 2s or 3 Queens and 2 number 9s


All 5 cards are of the same lawsuit and could be in any sequence – i.e. all cards are spades and they are 2, 5, 7, Jack, King


All 5 cards are in order but may be some lawsuit i.e. 10 diamonds, Jack hearts, Queen Clubs, King Clubs, Ace Hearts

Experts can either come before a 2 to start a straight or after having a King to end a straight.

3 of a Kind

3 cards of the same rank


2 sets of cards of the identical rank – i.e. 2 number 10 cards and two # four cards plus a couple card.

Pair (two of a Kind)

One pair within the hand, a set is made of 2 cards of the identical rank – i.e. 2 number 10 cards and also a mixture of other cards form the hand.

High Card

For those who haven’t any other hand, your highest card can be your hands. For instance:’high card ace’ or’high card queen’


If your hand doesn’t use all or any of one’s cards, the best leftover card is called a’kicker’. The kicker can be used to compare ties. In case the other player gets the identical hand as then your kicker card may pick who wins, the more complex the kicker the higher.


If your hands rests with a different player’s the winner will be decided on the hand with the high cards.

Completely tied

If both players have the exact same hand, then both players win and the pot will be divided evenly between these.

Okay – did you obtain most that? Do you understand how you are going to play Facebook poker and work your way upward to the elite tables? Ready to go whoop your friend’s butts? I trust you found’Facebook Poker: How to Play’ of good use. Go get started and have a couple games to get used to playing with.

Good luck – I’ll see you at the tables!

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