Gambling Is Just A Big Waste Of Time


For those who really consider this, why in God’s name do people gamble any way? I suppose it’s the hope of easy money and turning into loaded by doing this, however entire perception process is really mad it’s not actually humorous. The eternal laws of nature tell us that this isn’t true, but yet people still carry on to pursue things. It is confusing to me personally.

I have a companion that will not always have much money and is really down on his fortune (all by their own doing by the way). Yet he continues to get a lottery ticket regular, and has done so for the entire six years that I’ve known him judi slot.

He had been asking to borrow money the other day and I told him no and reminded him that he would have enough amount of money when he was not playing the lottery. He of course said,”It’s simply a dollar each day for God’s Sake!” Then I said,”I recognize this, but over the duration of six years, it adds up.” Then I really did the mathematics. I told me that if he hadn’t thrown away that cash he would possess the money he was asking me for. For that benefit of God, it adds up to a little over $2, 000!

But someone with the gaming mentality doesn’t wish to hear gibberish like I’m spewing. They truly are obviously likely to be the next major winner. My close friend proceeds to throw away his money on the lottery, also continues to have no excess cash to speak of. This could be the character of gambling though, correct? I assume when it have been different than this, there wouldn’t be gambling. Even the Mob realized most with this years before, and introduced us all the town of Las Vegas.

I stopped drinking and smoking a while back, and find the correlations among the 2 activities and gambling to be incredibly interesting. It really is as if each one of these things were meant to move with each other. I suppose it all makes sense, however, since when I smoked I believed I would beat the odds and have no side effects. Much like drinking. I never ever considered I would be the person to possess some unwanted effects out of drinking. Then I woke up one day at the same place I had been 10 years earlier!

When I smoked and drank, I actually liked moving in to the neighborhood casino and then hammering some cash into those machine. I’d like to share with myself (and many others ) that it had been relaxing. Then, when I freed myself from the ego induced haze caused by booze and smoking, I didn’t want to bet any more . I’d suddenly realized the madness of wasting time on such matters. I think Wilson Mizner mentioned it best, when he explained,”Gambling: The sure way of growing nothing for something” That about sums up it as well as anything I’ve heard.

Trevor Kugler – Co-founder of Trevor has over 20 years of fishing adventure, and increases three year old girl in one’s center of salmon fishing state….Montana.

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