Is Online Poker Legal in the USA?


Online poker is just one Americas favorite pastimes however with recent advancements lots of Americans still wonder if playing poker on the web is in fact valid or not. I am not an attorney and have no legal background but I have done a lot of research with this subject and have left my own conclusions.

The bill was inĀ to the Safe Ports Act and was passed to law. It was the job of just two US Senators who desired to end online gaming inside the United States.

The UIGEA has been a contentious law since it passing. In short that the law would make it illegal for Banks and other financial institutions to comprehension procedure payments with the intention of gambling from United States taxpayers. The Act excluded lotteries and fantasy sports in addition to games of skill. Initially it was thought that on the web poker wouldn’t be effected by the bill since many viewed poker for a game. Unfortunately, as most poker players understand , the Department of Justice considered poker gaming and enforced the law with the indictment of those owners of a number of their largest internet poker sites which still accepted Americans. Poker sites such as Full Tilt, Poker Stars, Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet will be the very first to fall.

With that said, does one UIGEA really make playing internet poker prohibited? The simple and quick response is no. Regulations applies only to the banking associations and internet poker rooms. No where in the law does it state any individual that plays online poker is breaking regulations. Nor does it say which making deposits and withdraws in poker web sites are not illegal. The onus is on the banks and poker internet sites to comply with the law.

How do some poker websites still accept USA players? Many poker websites simply take the position that because they’re regulated and licensed in countries beyond the United States and so they don’t have to adhere to the UIGEA. That is why they are still accept new and existing USA poker players. This can be a really”grey” section of this law but in the longer term we’ll observe full regulation of internet poker from the United States. Many states have already passed bills allowing internet poker of their country borders. With this kind of advancement we hope to watch poker regulated at a national level so on.

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