How To Make Money Selling Popcorn At An Outdoor Movie Event


Movies and popcorn move awry. This is the reason why popcorn is a wonderful way to make money at your outdoor movie event. Here is what to bear in your mind which means it is possible to get the most out of attempting to sell popcorn in your outdoor movie concession stand.

Pop Corn Machine Placement
Lots of men and women already enjoy popcorn with a movie, but smart placement strategies will help you increase popcorn sales more. First, pick the best location for the pop corn popper. Guarantee that the big event attendees could see and smell the popcorn by setting the equipment at the leading of the movie viewing area, or on the medial side of the movie screen. Be sure not to set the popcorn machine behind the audience, since they are more inclined to buy the pop corn if they can smell and see it.

Yet another fantastic way to increase visibility will be to light up the popcorn by keeping the machine’s light onto. A central site for the machine and appropriate lighting will ensure it is tough to overlook the delicious sight and smell of this popcorn.

Popcorn Popper Appearance
Create a clean and inviting appearance to cinemaindo make the popcorn more desirable. Event attendees can stay away if the machine is cluttered. Be sure to clean the popcorn popper properly after every episode to keep it sanitary and increase popcorn sales.

Keep the system reasonably complete so there is a stylish display of popped popcorn. Be sure to pop the popcorn throughout working hoursand keep the doors shut during popping so that flow does not fog up the windows. Make sure you keep the pop corn hot, however, following pop ping which means you’re able to serve clients hot, fresh popcorn to enjoy the picture.

Choose the most useful containers for your own java. Attempt to avoid paper bag containers. It is hard to display pop corn in newspaper bags, and serving this way can be more time consuming as the bags need to be opened until they can be filled. Pop corn boxes are generally a far better alternative. Offer a large size pop corn box so two people may share.

More Ideas to keep in Mind
Besides popcorn, consider offering a number of drinks including bottled water and soda at your concession stand. Popcorn makes people hungry, thus offering drinks is really a good idea. Attendees will soon be happy you can find beverages available, and also you may love additional revenue from the drink sales. Make sure you also highlight the fact that popcorn is a far healthier alternative to candy, yet another popular picture snack.

Pop corn is a really important part of a picture concession stand. Offer your java machine an appropriate spot and place it up front in your concession stand, as opposed to onto a rear shelf. This simple change will boost your sales by 30-50%.

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