What Beats What in Poker – A Quick Guide


Would you like a fast guide about what beats what in real estate? It is my hope that this guide might help.

Poker is such an enjoyable game. There are many elements which compose the overall game  cmd368play of poker. Bluffing, gambling, heavy plan. . .these will be the grounds poker has exploded in popularity recently. However, I regularly find brand new players asking that the position of hands once we sit down to playwith. So this is exactly why I wrote this report. , standing hands in order from best to worst.

This is a direct out of the ten upward to a professional with five cards comprising of exactly the identical suit.

Almost any direct, below ten, and also each of five cards should be of the exact same suit.

This hand comprises some 4 cards of the exact same rank. After two players have exactly the exact same Four of a Kind, the fifth card in their own hands will pick that wins, and with the larger card function as greater.

Any 3 cards comprising of exactly the exact same rank with any 2 cards of the exact same position together.


This hand has some five cards of the exact same suit which aren’t successive. The maximum card in front of this five leaves the position of this flush.


Any five consecutive cards of different matches, meaning that the suits do not matter. The ace can count as either a top or a low charge in this hand.

Here really is just any 3 cards which can be of the identical rank.

This is composed of 2 cards of the same position together along side the other 2 cards of the same position.

One Pair

Any 2 cards of the same position.

High Card

In case none of the prior hands is present, then your player holding the maximum card wins.

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