Impossible in Football


They say the ball is round and anything could happen in football. Such could be the unpredictability of football that it adds an element of surprise into this match. It is comparable to David versus Goliath. Idealists and romanticists will always root for the underdog. That’s why Rocky films are really common. This we’re dealing with facts and not journalism. It’s in this arena where the agen judi bola can flourish and triumph. Think about it. We have therefore many improbable cases of the impossible becoming possible. Long ago in 1992, Denmark didn’t qualify for the championship. They got in only after Yugoslavia was disqualified as a result of political instability. Denmark knew of their entrance just 10 days until the Championship began. Denmark immediately recalled their team of players in their own vacations.

The Danes then beat hot favorites Dutch team from the semis by fines following the deadlock in 2-2 might not be settled. The Danes astounded the football world by beating the hapless Germans 2-0 in the finals. What an amazing feat!

The outstanding tale of the underdog would continue with the development of Greece in the 2004 European Championship. Greece had a mythic start with beating host Portugal 2 1. Greece would hold yet another sexy favourite Spain to a 1-1 draw. Unexpectedly, they unexpectedly lost to the Russians 21 at the last group game. In the end, much fancied Spain got kicked out in the group stages. Greece and Portugal Continued to the next round. Greece would meet France in the quarter finals and make France their next victim. Greece shut up shop after seizing their opportunity to score. From the semi finals, Greece met Czech Republic. Greece would subsequently continue to defy the odds in the finals against host Portugal. Evidently, the host had not learnt their lesson. Additionally, Greece was buoyed by the fact they’d beaten the bunch sooner at the group stages.

The most dramatic story of underdog in football has to be the manner Liverpool seized their fifth European summit this past year. They were in transition as a brand new manager came on their star player Michael Owen departed for Real Madrid. Liverpool also had to coped with injuries throughout most of the season. Liverpool scarcely battled throughout the group phases from skin of their teeth. That they had to beat Olympiakos by two goals to qualify for your upcoming round. Things got off to a lousy beginning with Olympiakos drawing first blood. Through sheer guts and determination Liverpool scored three goals through the efforts of Pongolle, Mellor and also Gerrard and forced his way to the second round.

Liverpool loathed Leverkusen using a definite score of 6-2 even though pundits writing them off. Liverpool subsequently met yet another formidable foe in Juventus who had earlier overcome Real Madrid from the round of 16. Liverpool surprised Juventus having an early attack and won 2-1 from the first leg. At the return , Juventus and liverpool would play to a goalless draw thus procuring liverpool’s entry in to the semis.

They’d meet arch-rival chelsea who’d already beaten them three times in exactly the identical season. Chelsea had earlier beaten yet another hot favourite for the title Barcelona to reach the semis. The initial leg saw that the goalless draw on Chelsea’s home ground.In the return leg, Liverpool again adopted a lightning strike by the start which saw a Garcia goal. From then on, Liverpool closed all gates and Chelsea couldn’t breach the Liverpool defence. Thus it was to the finals where liverpool could meet 6 time winners AC Milan.

They went down 3-0 by half an hour yet managed to reestablish themselves to level the score in the 2 nd half. The Liverpool keeper denied two superb strikes by Milan to send the game into a penalty shootout where Liverpool withdrew and won it 2-3.

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