Fantasy Football Playoff Challenge Prediction

The regular NFL season is over, but the fantasy football season continues. We hope your fantasy football team has been successful this season, but if not, one more chance of redemption awaits. And even if you’ve experienced success and won your league, the playoffs offer yet another opportunity for fantasy football glory. And to help you achieve this excitement, here are our player ratings.

Player 1
1) Peyton Manning: Despite playing less than one full game in each of his last two competitions, Manning was second in the NFL in finishes, percentage of finishes, yards and touchdowns (tied with Brett Favre). All of this and his team were working in an unbeaten season before losing the last two games.

2) Drew Brees: Brees set the NFL record for a season’s Jasabola percentage of completion and topped the NFL with 34 touchdown passes, despite missing out on Week 17. If you believe the saints’ fights at the end of the season were just a blip on the radar, Brees is a great option

3) Philip Rivers: Rivers never seems to be mentioned when the league’s top quarterbacks are mentioned, but fantasy football enthusiasts know a lot about him. His 104.4 quarterback rating for the season was third in the championship, and he was in the top 10 in past yards and touchdowns.

4) Tony Romo: Romo had a great season, coming third in the NFL in passing yards, and he’s playing his best football right now. Dallas is NFC’s # 3 seed, and many experts like them run in the Super Bowl.

5) Aaron Rodgers: Rodgers was fourth in passing yards, passing quarterback scores and standings this season, so there’s no doubt he’s one of the best in the game. Green Bay is also the fifth seed, which means they are unlikely to play at home. He is the most successful candidate in this group.

6) Brett Favre: Favre had a remarkable year in every respect, and he finished the regular season with a flourish. You may wonder, however, if the Vikings will accelerate playoff racing than at the end of the regular season.

Player 2
1) Kurt Warner: We all saw what Warner could do last season if he got hot in the playoffs, and although the Cards were closed by the Packers last week, it didn’t look like they gave all their effort, did it?

2) Donovan McNabb: McNabb was worse than his pedestrian numbers (20 out of 36, no touchdowns, no interceptions) indicated last week against Cowboys as he missed several open receivers. That and the fact that Philly is sixth in the NFC will lead some to be pessimistic about him in a post-season fantasy football race, but remember that Philly won six straight and McNabb led his team in several numbers. of deep playoffs.

3) Tom Brady: While we certainly believe the Patriots can play an extended playoff, Brady is dealing with a multitude of problems. First and foremost are the broken bones – he would have three broken ribs and a broken index finger on his right hand (playing). Not to mention the fact that Brady has played for less than 200 yards in three of his last four games, and his lead pass catcher Wes Welker injured his knee and will miss the playoffs.

4) Joe Flacco: If you are looking for a sleeping candidate, Flacco could be your man. He doesn’t put in a lot of numbers, but the Ravens have the racing game and defense needed to allow a prolonged playoff push, with Flacco doing enough to provide decent fantasy points along the way.

5) Carson Palmer: Really, Palmer and Mark Sanchez must be 6A and 6B, as neither is an option. Palmer was horrendous against the Jets last week, completing one of his 11 moves for zero yards. New York is number 1 in the NFL against the pass, but even if Cincy defeats them, Palmer won’t give much.

6) Mark Sanchez: Sanchez is the poorest passer among quarterbacks whose teams have reached the playoffs, and he should be treated as such here. Even a Super Bowl race for him can’t produce numbers equal to two games of other quarterbacks in the playoffs.

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